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Welcome to Law Offices of Marc Weinberg

Welcome to Law Offices of Marc Weinberg

Welcome to Law Offices of Marc WeinbergWelcome to Law Offices of Marc Weinberg

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For more than 40 years, my law practice has focused on Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and general business and contract disputes.

When you come to my office, you meet with me, not an assistant. It is my belief that the best way to represent you is too personally know you, your situation, and your reason for considering filing bankruptcy. In analysis of your situation, I always look to see if there is an alternative to having to file bankruptcy. 

The decision to file bankruptcy is for many a difficult choice to make. A bankruptcy will affect your future credit; therefore the decision must be carefully made. If there is a way to avoid filing a bankruptcy petition, I will try to find it. To this end, my goal is to solve debt related problems with a view towards future rehabilitation of your credit.

The clientele that I have represented ranges from the unemployed to small and large businesses. Because I also practice construction law, many of my clients are contractors and others related to this profession. I am particularly familiar with construction businesses and therefore sensitive to the collateral issues that could affect a contractor’s license status, including claims against a contractor’s bond.

Many of bankruptcies that I have filed for individuals center on “credit card” debt.  For the most part, credit card debt is dischargeable, but there are certain instances when a credit card company will protest the discharge of its debt by filing an adversary proceeding. An adversary proceeding is a lawsuit that requests that the Court find that your debt is not discharged in bankruptcy. I have represented clients in these lawsuits, with favorable results.

Regarding attorney’s fees for my services:  For the most part, I charge a flat fee for the services I will perform in Chapter 7 bankruptcies. Those services in general are preparation of your petition, appearance at creditor hearings, fielding telephone calls from your creditors, and other matters related to the general administration of your case. 

The fee that I charge is determined upon the complexity of the case, because each case is different. Some cases are simple and straightforward, others are complex. If you afford me the opportunity to review your financial situation, I will be able to quote you the charge for my services.

The only exception to the fees I charge is representation in adversary actions and motions for relief of stay.

If you are considering filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, please feel free to call me to discuss your concerns. If you have any other legal question you would like to ask, please call. If I am unable to help you with your special problem, I can always refer you to someone who can. I do not charge a fee for an initial consultation.