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Welcome to Law Offices of Marc Weinberg

Welcome to Law Offices of Marc Weinberg

Welcome to Law Offices of Marc WeinbergWelcome to Law Offices of Marc Weinberg

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Marc Weinberg’s ability to empathize and connect with parties, his understanding of human behavior, and relentless effort to keep parties talking at the negotiation table, has enabled him to settle emotionally charged and challenging cases. 

Marc has the legal experience and knowledge to understand the most complex of legal issues. Thinking “outside of the box”, Marc lets the facts and personalities of the parties dictate the best approach to find common ground to lay the foundation for the settlement of a dispute, with the most challenging and combative personalities.

Having represented clients of diverse cultures and ethnicities, with understanding and appreciation of their uniqueness, Marc is able to build a bridge between parties of different backgrounds and perspectives, paving the way to successfully resolving their disputes.

Many times, counsel and their clients have expressed appreciation for his candid mediation style to help them analyze their options and make smart choices.  Marc is known for his compassion, determination, patience, intellect, and desire to resolve litigated disputes, regardless of the complexity of the case or how emotionally charged the issues are.

With a law career spanning over 40 years and bachelor’s degrees in zoology and art history, Marc is a uniquely qualified mediator, whose training, education, and life experience, allows him to communicate effectively with attorneys and all parties involved in disputed matters.

Marc’s mediation and litigation avoidance experience was further enriched from courses taken at the Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution/Pepperdine University School of Law and Ventura Center for Dispute Settlement.