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Welcome to Law Offices of Marc Weinberg

Welcome to Law Offices of Marc Weinberg

Welcome to Law Offices of Marc WeinbergWelcome to Law Offices of Marc Weinberg

Construction Profile



For more than 40 years, my practice has included matters relating to private, public works, and commercial construction. I represent owners, contractors, material suppliers, subcontractors, and others in connection with construction related problems.

My goal is to service clients with quality legal representation at a fair and competitive cost.

Because I represent contractors and homeowners, my experience in construction matters will enable me to provide you with unique services and perspectives.

If you are a contractor, my practice has emphasized representing contractors in private and public work disputes, Mechanic’s Lien and Stop Notice litigation, bonding and surety claims, licensing problems, as well as CSLB arbitration, accusation, citation, suspension, and license revocation hearings. I am also experienced in civil mediation, arbitration, and litigation.

I advise our clients in setting up new businesses, licensing the new company, and drafting contracts, that are special to each client’s specific needs for the classification they hold.

If you are a homeowner, my experience in representing contractors will work to your benefit. Having experienced litigation from both sides, my reasoning is balanced. Drawing from my experience in representing contractors, I am familiar with the defenses that are raised when a claim is made for poor or faulty construction. To this end, I offer you a comprehensive assessment of your claim.

I always try to avoid lawsuits. However, if circumstances determine that litigation or arbitration are unavoidable, I am ready to protect your interests vigorously.